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Become an Architect or Engineer

Get a jump start to your architecture or engineering career through on-hands experience, field trip opportunities to meet engineering students and professionals, and certification training.

By enrolling in the Drafting and Design Technology Program at BCHS, you will work with software used by professional engineers and learn skills necessary to get ahead in your dream to become an engineer. When you chose to enroll as a freshman, you will also have the chance to test and become a Certified Mechanical Apprentice Drafter as well as an AutoDesk Certified Inventor User.

Take this opportunity to get ahead in your goal to becoming an engineer. Enroll in Drafting and Design Technology this semester!


     Beth B. Fontenot

     Planning Period. Monday-Friday

     2nd Period. 8:26 AM - 9:21 AM


     Main Office Phone: 337-662-5815

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