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Do you enjoy planning, designing, hands on learning, how things work, assembling parts? If so, the BCHS Drafting and Design Technology program is geared toward expanding your knowledge and giving you the necessary skills to pursue your interest in engineering, construction, architecture and design.


The program:

  • Fulfills the Art requirement for TOPS

  • Instills professional attributes expected in business and industry, including the importance of meeting deadlines and working with others as a team. 

  • Offers American Design Drafting Association’s industry-based certification, Certified Mechanical Apprentice Drafter.

  • Gives opportunities for students to connect with professionals through mentoring, presentations, and field trips, while students discover the world of design, construction, architecture and engineering

Introduces STEM-based, real world educational activities while improving students’ technological knowledge and training students for university studies, technical college studies and jumpstarting job training.  


​Whether planning to pursue a university level degree in architecture or engineering or would like to have the skills and training necessary to enter the drafting and design profession following graduation, this course will help you get there.


     Beth B. Fontenot

     Planning Period. Monday-Friday

     2nd Period. 8:26 AM - 9:21 AM


     Main Office Phone: 337-662-5815

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